Business Card Marketing

A cheap and effective way to market your small business offline is to use business card marketing.

You can carry a few business cards with you whenever you go out, as you never know who you will get talking to that might be interested in the products or services your business provides. Don't force your business card on everyone you meet - only those who express an interest in your business.

Example Business Card Example Business Card Back

A business card should let people know who you are, how they can contact you and should be clear as to what your business is. If it is not clear what you do from your company name or logo then make sure you include a short description to make this clear, as the recipient of your card might forget what you do a few weeks later - thus rendering your business card useless.

An effective business card marketing strategy should utilise the back of the business card. The extra cost of printing on the back is not much more than a single-side business card and there are so many commercial printers out there offering great printing deals.

Example Business Card Example Business Card Back

The back of your business card is the perfect place to market and advertise some of the services you provide.

You could offer a discount if a customer produces your card in person or for online customers you can ask them to enter a discount number on your e-commerce website.

Try offering something for free, like an e-book that they can download (provide a web page URL on the back of your card) which has useful articles related to your business products or services. This can help build trust in your business and can make potential customers more likely to use you.

Example Business Card Example Business Card Back

For artists, illustrators or photographers, then the back of your business card is a good place to add a sample image of your best work. Some digital printers allow you to use a selection of images, so you could have a range of business cards printed with a few of your best images at no extra cost.

If you have business premises then you might like to have a simple map on the back showing where you are located.

Make the most of your business card marketing by using both sides; but keep it simple, uncluttered, professional looking and most of all, make sure you hand them out when the situation arises.