Graphic Design Articles

Bitmaps and Vectors
A description of bitmap and vector graphics and their advantages and disadvantages.

Pantone Color Matching System
An explanation of the Pantone International Color Matching System.

Designing With Colour
Choice of colour in Graphic Design, colour association and an explanation of the main colour schemes.

Logo Design Tips
Tips for designing logos, and things to consider before you start designing a logo.

What are CMYK Separations?
An article defining what CMYK is and what CMYK separations are.

How to Convert RGB Files to CMYK in Photoshop
Advice on how best to convert your RGB photographs to CMYK colours, using Photoshop, before sending your files to a commercial printer.

How to Batch Convert RGB Files to CMYK in Photoshop
A fast and easy way to convert a batch of RGB images to CMYK using Photoshop.

Which CMYK Profile Should I Use?
Choosing which cmyk profile to use before converting and sending artwork to a commercial offset printer.

Business Card Dimensions
Business card size reference and map for the countries of the world.

Where To Buy CMYK Charts
A list of CMYK colour charts and swatch books and where you can purchase them.

Business Articles

Choosing a Company Name
Article describing the process of naming a company.

What is a Logotype?
Article about Logos and Logotypes.

Trade Mark Registration
Article about trade mark design, registration and the law.

Branding Your Business
An article about company branding for a successful business.

Business Card Marketing
How to effectively market your business using the humble business card.

Building Your Brand
Tips to help you build your company brand.