Designing a logo in Adobe Illustrator.

Logo Design Tips

10 top tips for designing logos and specific design considerations to insure your logo design reproduces well in all mediums; screen, print, signage, etc.


Designing a Logo requires the right tools for the job;

The Logo Design Brief

Ask the right questions! This is probably the most important step in the logo design process.


Do your homework! Do as much research as you can in the time available.


Where do logo designers get their inspiration? Everywhere!


Write down as many words associated with the business as you can.

Sketching Ideas

Some logo designers may prefer to get started on the computer at this stage, but some will sketch out logo concepts with pencil and paper first; just rough thumbnail drawings. This is a very quick way to see if an idea has legs. Then pick out the best of these designs to be worked up on the computer.

Design Considerations

Here is a list of possible things to consider when designing a logo.

Choosing Typefaces

The choice of typeface when designing a logo can have a great affect on how the company is perceived. Things to consider;


Once you have worked up your design ideas on the computer;

Final Adjustments

Your client will pick the logo design they like best and may request changes, for example, the colour or they may prefer a typeface used in one of the other logo designs you presented them. If you are not designing the logo for yourself, then it is the client who has to live with the logo at the end of the day so you should respect the request to change something.