Branding Your Business

A brand is much more than a trade mark these days; it is the emotional connection with a product or service. The visual elements of a brand; including, the name, logo, typefaces, symbols and colour schemes are only a part the essence of a brand.

A good definition of a brand is, "a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer".

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is achieved by positively influencing people's perceptions of a product or service. Every time a customer talks to a company, buys a product, sees an advert, reads an article, phones customer service, talks to friends or colleagues about a product: the sum of all of these experiences is how well a brand has lived up to its promise. In essence, that is what a brand is: "a promise".

You have to live your brand and so do all of your staff. Brand building needs to start from within the company. Educate your employees to make sure they understand and believe in your brand promise.

Constantly check the effectiveness of your brand. Are all of your communications consistent with your brand promise?

Brand Recognition

Your brand's visual identity - from brochures, your website, to advertising - must be unique and be instantly recognisable by your target audience; even before they have started reading your message.

Be consistent wherever your logo appears. Stick to your corporate identity's colour scheme and use the same typeface throughout.

Consistency is the key to effective branding and building trust will achieve brand loyalty.