What is a Logotype?

Logotypes or Logos are graphic representations, emblems or devices for companies, organisations or individuals; a symbol or mark that can be easily recognised and is uniquely identifiable.

Man has used simple visual symbols for centuries, from flags, coats of arms, family crests, etc. for identification.

The First Brands

In the nineteenth century the first commercial brands burst on the scene. The likes of Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, Cadbury, Lever, Nestle, Heinz, etc. These brands became household names, trusted for their quality and price, and their logotypes were recognised by all.

The importance of these brand names and their corresponding symbolism was quickly recognised to be as important as the actual products themselves in shaping consumer confidence.

Importance Of Logotypes

These days, there are thousands of companies and organisations selling products and services, each trying to make their mark. It is therefore increasingly difficult to compete for your consumer's attention. This is where your company's logo design becomes extremely important.

Your logo must project a positive image about your company, be memorable, unique and look professional. You must gain the confidence of your potential customers in order for you to persuade them to buy your product or service instead of your competitors' products.

Trends In Logotype Design

Like all areas of design, there are trends and fashions, including the design of logos. Looking back in time to the logotypes of long established companies, you can see slight changes every decade or so to the style and typeface of their logo. Unless you are consciously trying to look aged or retro then it is a good idea to re-brand your corporate identity when necessary. A good logo designer should consider this when choosing typefaces, colours and styles, unless the company wants to look young and trendy.

Why Logos Work

The reason why logos work, is because people process an image in their mind more easily than words alone. Images are 'stored' differently in the brain, and are more easily remembered. You only need to think about how we can recognise the subtle differences in peoples' faces; yet we all have two eyes, a nose and a mouth. We don't think about these differences, it is in our subconscious. This holds true for logotypes as well.

Therefore, the logo is the simplest and most direct way of promoting your business. Placing it on your letterheads, business cards, vehicle livery, signage, packaging, brochures, etc. is the most important thing you can do.