Cleaning Business Cards

Ne14 Design has created the following business card templates suitable for a range of cleaning services businesses. You can customize each card online and place an order with our printing buddies at Zazzle - just follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Cleaning Services Business Card

Cleaning Services

This cleaning services business card has a modern design with a sparkle logo that surrounds the beginning of your company name.

A contemporary design in blue and green with all of the text fully customizable so you can add your own contact details.

This card could be used for any cleaning business, such as; domestic, commercial, office, industrial, oven, floor, or even car valeting.

Carpet Cleaning Business Card

Carpet Cleaning

This business card can be used for a carpet cleaning, floor cleaning or even a carpet laying business.

The design uses a red spiral logo representing a carpet or rug over a floor.

The front of the card also has a line where you can place a short list of services that your company provides.

Cleaning Business Cards

Washing Business Card

This simple cleaning business card uses a logo with some soap bubbles to represent washing.

Again, this is another card that would be suitable for a variety of cleaning service businesses, such as; a laundry service, steam cleaning, pressure washing, oven, window cleaning, car valet, upholstery or maid service.

Carpet Cleaning Service Business Card

Floor Cleaning

This stylish business card template is suitable for carpet cleaners, floor cleaning or driveway cleaning.

The front of the card has space for a list of five services.

House Cleaning Business Card

House Cleaning

This contemporary house cleaning business card uses a simple logo of a house inside a water droplet.

Suitable for professional home cleaning, domestic, residential, property and maid cleaning services.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Business Card


This green cleaning business card is for businesses using eco-friendly natural cleaning products who want to market themselves as environmentally friendly.

An illustrative logo of a hand using a leaf to wipe a surface clean is used to represent eco-friendly services.

Window Cleaning Business Card

Window Cleaning

This business card template is suitable for a window cleaner's business with a simple logo of a window with a squeaky clean shine represented by the sparkle.

To edit one of these templates and order your business cards online, just visit Zazzle UK here or Zazzle US here.